17 Nov Here we go! 

Every day I try to do some kind of practice for my body. Atleast 15 min per day. Now when I dont have any yoga classes to give others until I leave for Costa Rica I need to focus on my own practice. There is a park that we go to me and Mr Bodhi. There we play around with stuff that is good for both him and me. We run around, run the stairs and do workouts and yoga of course. 

We are just there for twenty minutes and we do it every morning. (Before we go to bed we go for a twenty minutes run. ) It’s good for us and we find a system that works for us. Not too much that is too boring. But a little everyday. 

And when we get home we sit in the sun, focusing on breathing in light, tranquillity and good energy. Twenty breaths, five minutes or more… it depends. But always at least twenty breath with total focus on inhale the light. Sometimes with a mantra music in my headphones. Today it was Sahana Vanuatu usually used in schools in India. But also a good mantra for a day of work. And the meaning is :

Om, May we all be protected

May we all be nourished

May we work together with great energy

May our intelect be sharpened (may our study be effective)

Let there be no Animosity amongst us

Om, peace (in me), peace (in nature), peace (in divine forces)

I hope you all will have a great day. Stay with the peace. Remember others mess is not always about you. 😉 Don’t let it get to you. Just take a deep breath and let they sort out what ever is their  problem. Let go… 😉 If you feel that it has nothing to do with you, just send them some light, give them a hug or bring them some tea.


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