31 Dec The last day of this year…

Our taxi arrived at our house at 6.25 in the morning. The sky was crystal blue and a little colder the usual. My whole gypset family was ready to go regardless surfing or not. 

Richard and his son Elijah Guy was waiting for us on the beach. It’s was so nice to see him again and to let my kids practice for two of the best teachers here. The ones I trust. 

To stand out there in the water with my board , watching my kids, my sister and her sons making a fool out of ourselves on the white waves and having these great smiles on our faces. Woaw!!! I got so touched! It was the best gift ever!!!  

After we were done I gave all a fresh coconut and we drank the fresh juice and ate the white meat. I looked at Richard and Elijah getting the boards on the roof of the car. My mother standing my a market stand on the beach looking at their jewelry. And seeing the smile on my daughters birthday smile on her face. This was my dream. And I am standing in the middle of it right now. Just missing my youngest one but except for that, everything is perfect right now. 

So make a closure of 2016 and give thanks. And make your wishing board for 2017. Dream in EVERYTHING you want for 2017. Dream big!!! 

Happy new year! Gott Nytt år! 

Namaste! Malin 

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