03 jan A lonely beach, a piece of paradise.

There are still some places on our beautiful planet that have a feeling of paradise.

Next to the house we rent in Costa Rica there is a beach that gives you the feeling of ” no humans around”. I go there everyday and pretend that it is paradise. Just how it was before we humans began to explore the earth and spreading our stuff all over the place. It is truly an amazing place not far at all from the center. A real hideout. Some of us goes there from time to time just to feel the ” emptyness” and the silence.

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We humans are amazing in so many ways. We create all the time and expand. But sometimes I wish we could be a little more careful when it comes to these places af paradise.  I can truly say that in one way I love to bring people here to do yoga with me and to surf in the waves. But one part of me is also scared, that the tourist will take no regard to the pureness these places have. And that greed of the people who live on the tourists will do everything to expand. Its difficult… I know. My workspace is on places like these. Its importan to keep the balance, and to remind each other that we are here because its one of the places in the world that still breathe stillness and pure nature. 

That we not always have to make a mark of that we have been there. Except for our footprint in the sand.


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