18 feb Words by Me 

I can’t ” keep” people. I can’t fight for them to stay or stop them from leaving. I can’t try to be someone else for them or ask them to be someone else for me. And they can’t ” keep” me either. The only thing we can is to BE in this moment in life when we are in each other’s arms. And soaking in ALL the yummy stuff that comes with it. Yeah, you might leave me one day. Yeah, I might leave you too. And we can be in this moment of now in total fear for that to happen. Or, we don’t. Don’t worry about it at all. In the honest truth, the truth we both know so well. We know that every life ends one day. And lifestories comes and goes. 
You are magic. And I feel my magic when we are together. Magic occurs in the moment of now. Not in fear. Magic dies in fear, planning and grasping. A spark comes from two object touching one another intensively in present time. Together with oxygen and heat it creates a glow. Let us not strangle the things that gives oxygen to our glow or our now.. Let us not build up illusions that will kill the flow in our touch. I promise you that I will always work for us to understand one another. As partners, lovers or friends. That is the love I can promise you. And when we now are in that beautiful space of glow, I will make you feel how much I treasure us.  

By Malin Berghagen instagram diaries. 

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