20 feb Treasure your life 

My travels always make me think a lot. On this trip to Finland it was a lot of thoughts about death and our vulnerability. If you have been seeing death really close as I have, the fear of doing it again never leaves. When the soul leaves the body and the heart doesn’t pump warm blood anymore… ? No I don’t like it at all. I am not afraid of death. But I don’t like to see corps. ?The spirit and soul that lives in our bodies are doing a great work. The passion and our senses are making us glow like diamonds if we take care of ourself and the beam of light that makes us spark.The blood makes us warm and our heart pumps out movement from our cells to our muscles and bones. Our brain is dealing with calculations and understanding every minute. And our heart feels it all. Woaw our body is such a great work!!! 

And our body is our temple. But without our prayers of love, our gifts of food and flowers, candle light and mantras of joy…our temple is just walls with empty space inside. A cold nothing box. ? I am going to be 102 years old. I have decide that. Because I don’t want my children EVER experience me as a corp. And since I want them to live a long life too I need to fight for that 102 number. Yes I know it sounds strange but I am their mother and I want to protect them from everything bad. 

And if my wish doesn’t come true and life snaps me out of here before the year 2068. At least they are going to remember me as a person as full of passion as of tranquility, a soul deeper then the oceans and a mother with the love for experience life totally. A worshiper of this beautiful planet called earth. And a child, a woman and an ealderly lady in one and the same . So I need to do my best to stay alive and glow for many reasons. And for two reasons specially…. I love them ❤and I love my life. ❤#healthylifestyle #youarewhatyoueat #grow #change #alive #glow #yourbodyisyourtemple #greens #wordsbymalin 

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