21 feb Who are you ? 

What IF everything we say and do has the butterfly effect on everything around us? What if what ever feeling you will give others, will roll in and over like waves in others life and effect them on a cell level? That every feeling you create in others makes blueprints in their cells of either bad och good emotions and mark them? 

That feeling of sadness, hurt, worthless, fear, useless, bad, anger…. and so on are feelings that could create diseases in our bodies?  Are you making others feel this? Or are you creating strength and beauty around you? Who are you? 

Are you someone who controls others by hard words, sarcasm and ruler behavior? Or are you a leader who makes your family, you colleagues and friends feel stronger, better and as a team? And most importantly…. Who are you to you? A team leader or an asshole? Supporting yourself with strengthening loving words or making yourself smaller? 

Hey you!!! Fire the asshole!! ? You are worthy the best and strongest feeling of love.❤ Give yourself those feelings every day. Start NOW …❤And don’t EVER stay with someone who makes you feel bad. Because it creates illness in you body. Get out!! And don’t hold resentment or anger towards them. Just move on. Forgive and move on. Cause karma will take care of it for you. ? Its all about waves of energies and it always get up on the shore. 

Namaste ❤

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