05 maj One beautiful excursion day. 

I love Rhodos. And yesterday we went on our excursion of three favourite places on the island. First out was Profitis Ilias. At 1912 the Italians came to Rhodos and during the war some Mussolini soldiers had a little hangout up in the mountain. One part of it is a hotel now and the other part is a ruin. There is a small little church where I alway have yoga with the group. 

After the yoga we take a nice walk up to the ruin and the other church. It’s a very peaceful place even though it looks very ….. messy. 

One the bus down to the seven springs I ask the group to think about something in their life that they fear but know they need to go through. Because Camilla, who I work with, is going to lead the through a dark tunnel and out on the other side. Time to face your fears… 

For lunch and some relaxed moment in the sun we took them to Tsampika beach. And again I fell asleep that night with a grateful heart thankful for the job I have and the possibility to meet so awesome yoginis. Namaste 

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