05 maj Service 

I go to the hairdresser In Salon in Rhodos town, but I’m early so I go next door to the coffee place Bakery. I meet a young man who worked earlier at Starbucks so when I ask for a Latte Macciato with soya he knows the drill. But he says that they just have milk without lactose at this place and I explain that I am a vegan so I don’t drink cow milk in any form. He says he is sorry but the next second he turns around to his boss and ask him if they have any soya milk. The boss says very strongly NO and the young man looks at me with a sad face. But then the owners comes back fast and say something in Greek. And he send one of the women to go in to is super market that is connected with his coffee bar. And ta da!!! A latte macchiato is on its way with soya milk. During that hour he sold three!! One was to my hair dresser Jukka. That is service! 

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