08 jun A Good woman. 

What is a good woman really? ” When I was a young woman all I wanted was to meet my king and be the best woman a girl could be for him. I wanted to be the best friend, mistress, lover, wife, mother of his children… and so on. I was a young woman dreaming about being perfect for my king. And he would go down on his knees and ask me to marry him. And we would have many children, a beautiful house and nice barbecue parties for our friends. And the wonderful thing with this was… I got it all.

 But one day I left my perfect life of one simple reason, I had come to the last line in the picture at the top on this Blog. It was the most painful thing I ever done. But I had no choice. And I didn’t just hurt someone I loved, I left my perfect dream. The two reasons that kept me fighting before was no longer the strongest reason to stay. I had given up it all. I had given up me. But I just knew that I had to stand up from that wet spot of tears on the floor for my daughters sake. So they wouldn’t become like me. 

And through the years I have seen the universe testing my ability to NOT lose myself again. I have stumbled many times and nowadays the words on the picture is no longer to a man. It is to me. To remind ME to listen to when something feels wrong inside of me. Not wait to I have lost ” the good woman” in me. Today I rather be alone then slowly walk that road again making me smaller to please an illusion of mine. 

Our partners is just teaching us about ourself through our own feelings. Listen to your feelings. See the warning signals before it’s to late. And act! It’s not them who are doing it all wrong to you. It is you who are letting them and their behaviour is triggers for you to see YOU, not them. Some people are worth fighting for. Some people are worth changing for. But ONLY if that person makes you better. Make you want to be better. Makes you glow and rise to your highest potential. Because the feeling inside of you is making you feel GOOD. There is a saying among American Indians ” Don’t let anyone block your fire. Don’t anyone kill your glow.” And my saying is, ”dont let that person be you. ”. 
Thich Nhat Hanh says, ”you must love in such a way that the persons feel free.” Think about what that means to you not the other person. And try to go beyond house walls or to do what you want without respect for others. What does it really mean? I know what it means to me. #soulglow 😉 
Namaste Malin 

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