03 feb Mitt nyfunna vackra jag…

“ In the landscape within us there are places so beautiful. And the moment we see a little of that beauty within us we either want to share it with others or hide it for our own safe keep. Some amazing beautiful gardens within us is like that. Some lakes, rivers and valleys sometimes feel better hold hidden. I am not afraid to show you my wounds or my ruff edges less beautiful. I am afraid to show you my secret beautiful places within my soul and heart because I might just recently discovered them. And maybe you don’t see their beauty as I do. And maybe you don’t understand how long I have been searching for that place inside my soul, mind or body. The landscape within me that I recently found amazingly beautiful, are for me alone until I trust you to leave it as it is in its original beauty and not trying to change it. You don’t have to see it like I see it. I just need you to respect my search for it and how important this place is for me now when I finally found it. If you do that, I might take you there. To sit next to me even though you don’t enjoy the beauty as I see it. But maybe you will enjoy the smile on my face, happy for finally finding it. The loveable places in the landscape named me. ” Diary of a Gypset soul. #wordsbymalin ©️malinberghagen

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