18 feb The Diary of a Gypet soul

I will always be the believer to that every one can change from bad to good. From cold hearted to empathetic warm. From negative to embracing life’s beauty. I will ALWAYS believe in that. Yes life might prove me wrong because the darkness people gone through are as comforting for them as loving arms for others. But you can ALWAYS choose to turn you head up towards the sun and fight for the good we all are born with inside. I will always believe in those who tries. ☺️All of us are love from start. And using our parents and others minimising behaviour of us as an excuse for our unhappiness is to say they where right. To claim back the good we all have inside is to prove them wrong. Don’t carry your past here and now. Leave it there. As the story of the two monks walking to the little river seeing a young beautiful woman trying to cross. The old monk took the woman on his shoulders with the skin of her legs touching his neck and carried her over. Then on the other side he put her down and they walked separate ways. The young monk was very upset and said to the older wiser monk. “ How could you carry her like that?? We are monks??” The old monk answered “ I carried her cross the little river and put her down on the other side. You are still carrying her.” ??? You once was a victim of you childhoods bad moments. But to be a victim of your past here and now is YOUR choice. They are not around. To be free is also your choice. It’s called therapy and self reflection. So dont carry luggage that load you down. Try to leave it in the past, with or without help but make a choice. Hey, you… I believe in you! Look, you are a butterfly now. ? Fly! Fly towards the light and the sun. Embrace the good you are. ❤️ Namaste ! Diary of a Gypset soul #wordsbymalin

From Instagram 10 April 2018