06 jan Yoga på La Casona 

Our retreat together with Springtime Travel and Santa Teresa Beachfront has begun. I am so happy. We are still waiting for the four people stuck in New York and saves the surfclasses and the welcome dinner until they arrive. 

It was so nice to go down to the beach after class yesterday and sit and watch the sunset together. The surfers taking the last waves and kids playing by the shore. 

Today after morning class we had our first brunch together. Introducing each other to one another. 

Now I’m heading back to my house. This is the last day and evening in the March house. Tomorrow we move closer to the retreat. It will be so nice.We had a wonderful time here in the quiet Mal Pais. Now it’s time for the more living Santa Teresa. 

Namaste, Malin 

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03 jan A lonely beach, a piece of paradise.

There are still some places on our beautiful planet that have a feeling of paradise.

Next to the house we rent in Costa Rica there is a beach that gives you the feeling of ” no humans around”. I go there everyday and pretend that it is paradise. Just how it was before we humans began to explore the earth and spreading our stuff all over the place. It is truly an amazing place not far at all from the center. A real hideout. Some of us goes there from time to time just to feel the ” emptyness” and the silence.

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We humans are amazing in so many ways. We create all the time and expand. But sometimes I wish we could be a little more careful when it comes to these places af paradise.  I can truly say that in one way I love to bring people here to do yoga with me and to surf in the waves. But one part of me is also scared, that the tourist will take no regard to the pureness these places have. And that greed of the people who live on the tourists will do everything to expand. Its difficult… I know. My workspace is on places like these. Its importan to keep the balance, and to remind each other that we are here because its one of the places in the world that still breathe stillness and pure nature. 

That we not always have to make a mark of that we have been there. Except for our footprint in the sand.


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02 jan Bonfire

The sun is rising in Costa Rica. It’s just me and my sister Kristin that is awake. We both are working from our computers but with a different view then maybe others. 

I talked on the blog about ” to keep focus on your dream” and I still remember the day in my friend Johannas house in Ljusdal, three hours north of Stockholm, Sweden. When she showed me a picture from a magazine somewhere in Mexico. The article was about the gypset style and a book the just came out written by Julia Chaplin. 

My friend said, ”this is us Malin..” And my heart started to run like thousand horses. I knew she was right. She said that she had ordered the book for us both. And she said, ” That is your dream Malin. Go for it.” From that day I covered my fridge with pictures of the gypset life together with pictures of my children. Everyday, sitting in my apartment in Järvsö, Sweden, I pictured myself in an environment like the pictures in the book. And now, seven years later, I am living that dream. First by moving to Mallorca. And now staying in Costa Rica almost two months this winter. 

I am getting there. Step by step… 

So please believe me when I say, dreams comes true. Even if they don’t happen immediately they come to you when universe has sorted things out so you can walk the road of your dream. So what is most important when it comes to this dream of yours? Well… dare change. You have to be brave and move out of your comfortzon. Big changes and big dreams needs big courage to try other roads. Within you and outside of you. And a strong believe and inner vision that this will happen. Already see yourself there. And you WILL be there one day. What ever your dream is. 

Below you see picture from my dream. My son doing his first surf lesson… 

My nephew and his girlfriend Peg on the Bonfire on the beach yesterday… 

My yogini colleague Victoria enjoying her easy way of life on the beach next to the Pacific Ocean. 

This is my dream. To live where the sun sets in warm colors in the ocean and the tropical fruits and flowers embrace me with their taste and essence. What is yours? 

Go for it!! Make a dreamboard and put it on the fridge so you see yourself on it everyday. LIVING it one day. Believe in it. Believe in you. And feel it… that you are already there. 😉 

Namaste, Malin 

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31 Dec The last day of this year…

Our taxi arrived at our house at 6.25 in the morning. The sky was crystal blue and a little colder the usual. My whole gypset family was ready to go regardless surfing or not. 

Richard and his son Elijah Guy was waiting for us on the beach. It’s was so nice to see him again and to let my kids practice for two of the best teachers here. The ones I trust. 

To stand out there in the water with my board , watching my kids, my sister and her sons making a fool out of ourselves on the white waves and having these great smiles on our faces. Woaw!!! I got so touched! It was the best gift ever!!!  

After we were done I gave all a fresh coconut and we drank the fresh juice and ate the white meat. I looked at Richard and Elijah getting the boards on the roof of the car. My mother standing my a market stand on the beach looking at their jewelry. And seeing the smile on my daughters birthday smile on her face. This was my dream. And I am standing in the middle of it right now. Just missing my youngest one but except for that, everything is perfect right now. 

So make a closure of 2016 and give thanks. And make your wishing board for 2017. Dream in EVERYTHING you want for 2017. Dream big!!! 

Happy new year! Gott Nytt år! 

Namaste! Malin 

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29 Dec Have faith

Costa Rica. In my little family we talk about that it has to be other ”currencies” then money. The real treasures is what we do for one another. The gifts of love and compassion. And the money we have, we use them to experience things rather then to buy material stuff. I put every single coin I have to this trip with my grown up kids. I don’t see them much when I live on Mallorca. So it’s nice to give them total focus like this. And the memory we will have together now. The time we spend with each other is the gift I give my children when I have moved on to the next world one day. For me that is so much more important then money on a bank account. Even if I will be 102 years it’s the NOW we have to treasure. So please, don’t judge me and say, ”that is easy for you to say, you can afford it”. I worked hard for this to happen and I will probably live on noodles the next year. ? But I will be the riches woman on earth in my heart. So think about that when you follow us on this blog the next 7 1/2 weeks. You will enjoy our days more when you know, that this was my dream 12 years ago. Standing alone and divorced with four kids and not a coin in my pocket. Slowly I worked my way to this. And now I am here. I have cried a lot through the years and been scared. But I have also had great faith in the powers of positive thinking and on my goal and that the universe delivers if you have faith. You sometimes have to jump over crazy high fences. And you will be scared. But it will be worth it. I promise. Follow your dream. Keep focus on it. Believe in it. And life will give you ways of getting there even if you from time to time think its impossible. 

Thank you universe for keeping your promise to my dream. I love you beyond your galaxies. ❤Namaste! ??

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