27 apr Maryloys

Min underbara kollega Marie Louise lagar mat som en gudinna!!! Vegetarisk eller inte, alla kan äta. Och jag åt ALLTID för mycket. Här kommer lite härliga bilder från vår yosoy resa i helgen blandat med hennes mat. Du finner henne på instagram under @maryloys och huset finner du under @lemoulinbas 

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22 apr Wisdom 

In yoga . . . many may take one path as a key in order to experience self-realisation while others take another path, but I say that there is absolutely no difference between the various practices of yoga.” —B. K. S. Iyengar, The Tree of Yoga, 

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30 mar Nya bäbisar denna morgon

Vilken lycka! Idag har tre  bäbisar från Santorini visat nästippen ovan jord. Ja växter är som tonåringar och vuxna barn. Ge dom din uppmärksamhet i lagom doser. Låt dom växa som dom vill men varsamt klipp av vissna blad. Ge kärlek, vatten och gödsel men dränk dom inte med för mycket. Vad du än tycker, så växer dom som som vill. Och håll dig undan ibland, så de förstår hur mycket de älskar dig. ? 

Gurkan kom härom dan: 

Den vita auberginen planterade jag om nyss. 

Och titta!!! Ny kommer det vindruvor på Santos plantan igen. Lycka!!!! 

Oh min mandelkärna från Mallorca har hittat upp idag. Wiiiiiiie! 

Japp det var allt för idag från slutet av Mars i Palma. 

Namaste, Malin 

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11 mar If you want love…

You need to choose love. All the way. 

Reflection has been my main thing in life. And today is not different then others. Sitting in my apartment with the balcony doors open, it’s Saturday and I just had breakfast with someone dear. Yesterday someone told me that there has been a lot of violence in my home country Sweden. Rapes, killings and fights. I also heard that the attitude among young Swedish girls are getting harder. My peaceful country is getting a little bit rougher then before. It’s not safe as it once was. 

Foto: My balcony

In Latin countries the attitude always has been a little more raw then in our Nordic countries. But they are also much more passionate then us up in the north. We usually joke about it, that it is the darkness and the cold that make us more shy and withdrawn. We don’t like to fight and make noise.  And that it is the sun and the chilly in their food, that heats the latinos. In every way. 

Foto: Sun coming through a glass of pure olive oil. 

But regardless where we are brought up we are in a time in history where the human being has to choose. And to take responsibility over the choices we make. Because it hit us right back faster then ever. What ever we choose.  As to always take an easy way out, blaming others for your own bad behavior doesn’t work. Never before in my life of 50 years on this blue planet I see now how the good or the bad choices we make gives a kickback at once.  

We have to understand that what ever we use as an excuse of bad behavior as for example: revenge, ” teach others a lesson”, chicken out, blame shifting or ” this is how I’m brought up” doesn’t work. Because life just look at the energy you send out and hit it right back at you. Often from a totally different direction than were you were looking. 

It’s all about energy. If you give small pinches in the side to others or a big smack in the face. The person you are giving this to crunch in their energy. They fold within to protect them self. The universe feels this and are your protector in a way. So it’s just says, ” Payback time on this one guys. What she gives we deliver ? ” 

Foto: There is no way around it. I’m sorry..

I read an article about how to make success in work. It demands hard work. And it’s true, but that is when it comes to everything. Relationships and family too. 
 I think that the world is upside down because alot of us make big efforts at work. But a mess at home and around us. 

If you want your business, account at the bank and your success over all to grow when it comes to love, happiness, beauty and health. It demands hard work and good choices. And everything you put in to it counts. Good or bad. Your ” salary ” will show in the end of the month. On YOUR account. 

Foto: Choices… a healthy body needs good choices and hard work. 

I look at my plants. In the heat of the Mallorca sun I need to care for them every day. I have to put them in the shade from the strong springtime sun. I need to water them and talk to them. Because they really respond to my care or diss care at ones. If I want love in my life. I need to choose love. All the way! Giving someone a smile. Lifting people up instead of making them smaller. Open the door, giving a good tip, saying thank you thank you… ?? And water my plants. 

Foto: Tasha Tudor… walking around in her own garden. Blooming from the love she given them through the years. 

Dearest one. You have to make a choice EVERY day, and leave the past behind you. If you want love and care, If you want beauty and health, if you want money and success… You need to work for it every day. Big or small. It always kick back at you. In a good way… or bad. It’s the law of the universe and no way around it. YOU choose. 

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21 feb Who are you ? 

What IF everything we say and do has the butterfly effect on everything around us? What if what ever feeling you will give others, will roll in and over like waves in others life and effect them on a cell level? That every feeling you create in others makes blueprints in their cells of either bad och good emotions and mark them? 

That feeling of sadness, hurt, worthless, fear, useless, bad, anger…. and so on are feelings that could create diseases in our bodies?  Are you making others feel this? Or are you creating strength and beauty around you? Who are you? 

Are you someone who controls others by hard words, sarcasm and ruler behavior? Or are you a leader who makes your family, you colleagues and friends feel stronger, better and as a team? And most importantly…. Who are you to you? A team leader or an asshole? Supporting yourself with strengthening loving words or making yourself smaller? 

Hey you!!! Fire the asshole!! ? You are worthy the best and strongest feeling of love.❤ Give yourself those feelings every day. Start NOW …❤And don’t EVER stay with someone who makes you feel bad. Because it creates illness in you body. Get out!! And don’t hold resentment or anger towards them. Just move on. Forgive and move on. Cause karma will take care of it for you. ? Its all about waves of energies and it always get up on the shore. 

Namaste ❤

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20 feb Treasure your life 

My travels always make me think a lot. On this trip to Finland it was a lot of thoughts about death and our vulnerability. If you have been seeing death really close as I have, the fear of doing it again never leaves. When the soul leaves the body and the heart doesn’t pump warm blood anymore… ? No I don’t like it at all. I am not afraid of death. But I don’t like to see corps. ?The spirit and soul that lives in our bodies are doing a great work. The passion and our senses are making us glow like diamonds if we take care of ourself and the beam of light that makes us spark.The blood makes us warm and our heart pumps out movement from our cells to our muscles and bones. Our brain is dealing with calculations and understanding every minute. And our heart feels it all. Woaw our body is such a great work!!! 

And our body is our temple. But without our prayers of love, our gifts of food and flowers, candle light and mantras of joy…our temple is just walls with empty space inside. A cold nothing box. ? I am going to be 102 years old. I have decide that. Because I don’t want my children EVER experience me as a corp. And since I want them to live a long life too I need to fight for that 102 number. Yes I know it sounds strange but I am their mother and I want to protect them from everything bad. 

And if my wish doesn’t come true and life snaps me out of here before the year 2068. At least they are going to remember me as a person as full of passion as of tranquility, a soul deeper then the oceans and a mother with the love for experience life totally. A worshiper of this beautiful planet called earth. And a child, a woman and an ealderly lady in one and the same . So I need to do my best to stay alive and glow for many reasons. And for two reasons specially…. I love them ❤and I love my life. ❤#healthylifestyle #youarewhatyoueat #grow #change #alive #glow #yourbodyisyourtemple #greens #wordsbymalin 

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18 feb Words by Me 

I can’t ” keep” people. I can’t fight for them to stay or stop them from leaving. I can’t try to be someone else for them or ask them to be someone else for me. And they can’t ” keep” me either. The only thing we can is to BE in this moment in life when we are in each other’s arms. And soaking in ALL the yummy stuff that comes with it. Yeah, you might leave me one day. Yeah, I might leave you too. And we can be in this moment of now in total fear for that to happen. Or, we don’t. Don’t worry about it at all. In the honest truth, the truth we both know so well. We know that every life ends one day. And lifestories comes and goes. 
You are magic. And I feel my magic when we are together. Magic occurs in the moment of now. Not in fear. Magic dies in fear, planning and grasping. A spark comes from two object touching one another intensively in present time. Together with oxygen and heat it creates a glow. Let us not strangle the things that gives oxygen to our glow or our now.. Let us not build up illusions that will kill the flow in our touch. I promise you that I will always work for us to understand one another. As partners, lovers or friends. That is the love I can promise you. And when we now are in that beautiful space of glow, I will make you feel how much I treasure us.  

By Malin Berghagen instagram diaries. 

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18 jan Open fire from scratch 

Vi samlade in ved från stranden. Och gjorde upp en eld med torra blad som grund.

När veden blivit till bra glöd spred vid glöden i botten men lämnade ett hörn med ny ved som vi hela tiden kunde fylla på ner till botten allt eftersom glöden brann ut. 

Ett vegetariskt hörn och ett kyckling hörn. Maten smakade otroligt gott när det grillats över ved. Kommer aldrig grilla med kol igen. Ikväll grillar vi över öppen eld på stranden. 

Namaste, Malin 

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